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What Are You Willing To Accept?

…if you hired a plumber, what work would you expect of them?

If you went for a meal, what would you expect from the chef?

If you went to see a movie, what would you expect from the actor?

If you bought a fiction book, what would you expect from the author?

In all those cases, you’d probably hold them to a high standard.

You’d want the plumbing done properly.

You’d want the meal to be spot on.

You’d want to see a great performance.

And you’d want a great book.

Who wouldn’t? – We all would.

But…what about you?

What are you willing to accept from you?

I bet your standards are a lot lower.

Most of us have.

But what if you held yourself to a higher standard?

How different would your life be?

Bounce that around your noodle this week.…

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