What Are You Willing To Accept?

…most of us have a level that we think  everyone should mark up to.

And we won’t accept anything but the best from these people.

The grocery stores we go to. The businesses we spend money with. That mechanic down the street that services our car. The politician that we voted for.

And if they go below that acceptance level, they get the heave ho. Then it’s off to find someone else that’ll match up to that level we’ve set.

But us, we’re excluded from that scrutiny. Because we’ve got a ‘Get out of jail free’ pass on life.

Things that we won’t accept of others we’ll gladly do ourselves.

– We’ll lose our temper when we know we shouldn’t.
– We’ll half-arse a job, rather than do it right.
– We show up late to everything because that’s how we roll.
– We’ll neglect our health because we’ve got a doctor that can pick up the slack.
– We’ll tell our kids that they shouldn’t settle for that crap job, that life’s meant to be lived, but we settle for the one we hate going to and can’t remember the last challenge we took.

All because we’ve set a lower standard for ourselves.

Me. I settled for the weight gain.

The lack of results I was getting.
The TV that was nothing more than empty calories for my mind.
The excuses I told myself.
The lies I told myself.
The days I never controlled from the moment I work up.
Not teaching what I preached.

And all because I was happy to settle for the standards I set myself.

Driving around in the car, or listening to the radio, I was judge, jury, and executioner of all that was wrong with everything and everyone.

All things that angered me, and all things that I had no control over.

On the other hand, there was someone in that car that I could fix, someone that I could change, and someone who’d improve if he put the work in.


It was me.

And it was just a simple matter of setting myself to a higher standard. I mightn’t have control of the chaos of the outside world, but I had control of what I thought, did, and what I’d put up with.

And the same is true of you.

Wherever you are right now is the standard you’re willing to accept for yourself.

– You’re the one that’s willing to accept that you don’t have time to write.
– You’re the one that’s willing to accept that one bad review that’s got you on a downward spiral.
– You’re the one that’s willing to accept the idea that you don’t have what it takes, but hasn’t tried anything for longer than two days.
– You’re the one that’s telling the world and it’s cousin that they should be doing something, and you’re not doing it yourself.

Set yourself a higher standard and hold yourself to it. You mightn’t be able to change everyone and everything else, but you’ll make a bigger difference to your own life if you do.


I’ll admit that was a bit of a heavy blog post, but those words will strike a chord with someone today. Now if I had a few of those words on something like a coffee mug, I might make a few more people change their wicked ways.

And make me a few bucks too!

It’s very easy to do, and it’s here.