‘What Do You Mean….It Doesn’t Fit?’

…the other day the Irish government splashed out on a brand new printer costing 1.8 million Euro.

Now, how that price tag didn’t flag anyone’s attention, as in, why do we need something so ridiculously priced,
and what about the trees? What came next was even worse.

Too big for the building it was going into, and costing two grand a month to keep it in storage, it’s going to
cost another two hundred thousand Euro’s to get the caravan sized printer in the door.


Then throw in the fact that staff are refusing to work with it, unless they get a pay rise, and health and safety
training……and well, it’s been a huge cock up.

Now you can laugh at the stupidity of it all, because come on….’Common sense’…but there are a lot of people
doing the same right now.

Creating products that no one wants.

I’m sure the guy who bought that printing press was sold on the idea of owning it, but never considered if it was
needed by anyone….or ever be used. Sales copy can seem like you’re onto a sure thing, but it’s best to ask your customer first.

Making things as complicated as possible.

A forty stage funnel might seem like a good idea, but if you can’t get anyone to buy from it, well what’s the point? Owning a 1.8 million printer sounds impressive, but when you’d probably get more work done with a 1000 Euro
photocopier….you’ve got to wonder if you’re really that clever?

Buying things that don’t fit into your business plan.

Like owning a printing press, that you’re never going to get your money back from, going off on tangents is damaging to your business. Sure it  might seem like you’re busy, going through software manuals, but if you’re not making stuff you can sell, you’re a busy fool.

And if you’re adding on products and services that have no relation to what your core business is, you’re a bigger fool.

Thankfully, you won’t find that in the WriteCome member’s area.

If you want to focus on fiction…there’s a section on that.

If you want to focus on email…there’s a section on that.

If you want to ask me a question….there’s a section for that.

If you want to only stay a month learn as much as you can?

I’m  fine with that.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – Just don’t come crying to me when you’ve spent a fortune on stuff you’re never going to use.

PPS – Want to buy a second printer? Hardly ever been used? It’s yours for a tenner.