What I Learned From ‘Last Chance U’

What I Learned From 'Last Chance U'
What I Learned From ‘Last Chance U’

….if you haven’t heard of ‘Last Chance U’ it’s a fly-on-the-wall TV show on Netflix which follows college athletes as they’re given a last chance to kickstart their football career.

As you’re watching it, you can usually see the ones that are going to make it and those that aren’t.

Some with talent, piss it away because of a bad attitude or bad upbringing.

Some that have nothing, grab onto the opportunity with both hands and make something of themselves. – If not on the field, it’s now having a better education than before.

You see that a lot with people trying to make money online.

You can give them the best advice, show them what works, and they leave it on their hard drive and never look at it.

And like those kids on Last Chance U, they moan and bitch about the world, blame everyone for their problems, but never look in the mirror.

Yes, some people have an advantage over you.

Yes, some people have less self-doubt and believe in themselves more than you do.

Yes, some people find this stuff easy to do.

But that’s the cards you’ve been dealt with.

That’s the hand you’ve been given.

That doesn’t mean those are the cards you’ll have at the end of the game.

They will be if you don’t work on improving them.

The people that need to hear this will work on that.

Most people here won’t.

And like, Last Chance U, sometimes you can give people everything you got and they’ll never take advantage of it.

Take, for example, getting your name out there.

Most people will clutch onto their little collection of colouring books, fiction books, digital products, services or whatever, and wait for someone to find them.

And then moan when no one finds them.

Ah… if only they bought a copy of this… something I’ve been doing for years now.

How about looking in the mirror today and asking yourself this one question, ‘Do I really want to do this?’

If you do, do it.

If you don’t, stop telling us you do.

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