What I Learned From Throwing Darts At The Ceiling.

...imagine a 13-year-old bored teenager lying on his bed.

Looking up at the wooden hatch door that lead to the attic space, he had a clever idea.

‘I wonder if I threw a dart vertically straight up from here, could I stick it in that door?’

One minute later, I’m playing the most idiot game of chicken with a dart as I began tossing it up higher and higher.

I’d watch the dart go on its journey, fall short and then watch it’s return to earth. At that point, I had to turn my head quickly or have it as part of my face.

No brains, or health and safety back then folks  🙂

Now I know what you’re thinking, I know how this is going to end.

You’d be wrong.

The final time I tossed it, it missed and fell back to earth, bouncing on the edge of the bed it vanished down between the bed and the nearby wall.

Reaching for the dart and unable to see it, my hand felt a puddle of warm water. Which could only mean one thing, I’d just punctured the central heating pipe that fed the radiator in my room.

Pulling back the bed, I stared at the little fountain that was now spouting rust colored water into an ever growing pool on my carpet.

Panic stations!

At that point my mind went into overdrive. I don’t know if my life had time to flash by, but I saw enough in those few moments. One was of my father throttling me. – He’d done the plumbing himself a few months beforehand and the thoughts of asking him to do it again was a no, no.

Sweet Jesus what am I going to do?

I panicked and grabbed the first thing I could, a roll of Sellotape. I began wrapping the pipe for all I was worth. – I stopped the squirt, but now the water trickled out from under the tape three inches from the hole.

Who knew you couldn’t plug up a hole in a copper pipe with wrapping tape? – Me.

Panic stations!

‘What goes in a hole? What goes in a hole?’ I asked myself over and over again.

Nail? No, it’ll pop right out.

Screw? – Yeah, a screw. I can screw it in and it’ll hold in place – I hope.

And that folks, is how a small brass wood screw became part of the central heating system of the McDonald family home. – And still is there to this day.

I cut the top off, dabbed a little paint on the piece sticking out, and lo-and-behold, it looks like paint just dripped down from the ceiling and settled on the pipe.

Disaster averted.

Thing is, we’ve all had those moments of panic and come up with ingenious solutions when we had to.

How? By asking ourselves better questions and not having a way out of the problem.

When you ask a better question, you get a better answer?

Ask yourself why you’re writing sucks? You’ll get plenty of answers that’ll keep you there.

Ask yourself how you can get better? You’ll get plenty of answers that’ll steer you that way.

You might call yourself dim, think you haven’t got what it takes when it comes to writing, having a home based business, or whatever.

But the answers to the stupid questions and the better ones, are locked away in that noggin of yours. – Yes, even in that head of yours.

Ask better questions, and you’ll get better answers.

Now a good question you could ask yourself is, how I can I make some money doing less work than I am right now?

The answer’s here.

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