What Is It With Women And Nutella?

….we’ve had a new ice cream store open in Newry.

Nothing new in that, but the amount of customers it’s attracting is. No matter what time of day you go there’s a queue…mostly women…going out the door.

It got me thinking. What makes it any different than the other ten ice cream places that exist in town?

Then it twigged with me…the Nutella fountain.

Going by it, your eyes can’t help but be attracted to the chocolate waterfall.

Me.. Nutella does nothing for me.. my wife and daughter are a different story.. they can’t get enough of the stuff.

I swear only there’s someone behind the counter at all times, I could easily image either of them jumping the counter and lying under the fountain glugging down the molten chocolate.

I’m sure they wouldn’t be the only ones to have the same thought either.

Seems all you need is a Nutella fountain to be successful.

When it comes to emails though, Nutella I’m afraid doesn’t work as well. It might have chocolatey goodness but when it comes to coming up with great email ideas for a daily email and blog post it doesn’t work.

Not even if you put sprinkles on top.

What does work, and what I do is use Email Ace. You can find out more here.

It’s also fat free. Which makes it even better.