What Is The Number 1 Thing That Disney Sells?

….I was listening to a Dan Kennedy podcast recently where he was talking to Jay Abraham….if you don’t know either, they’re the kind of people multi-milllion dollar businesses go to when they need marketing help.


…in the podcast, Dan said he bought an old Disney training manual at auction. When flicking through it he found a piece of paper inside it with a list on it.

On the left hand column it said ‘What people think Disney sells’ and underneath that was ‘movies.’

On the right hand column it said ‘What Disney really sells’ and underneath that was a list of qualities, the last one was ‘movies.’

Top of the list were morals, family values, happiness, and host of other things that had nothing to do with anything physical.

It’s a unique was to look at your business, right?

What about you creating books, be it fiction or coloring books, what are you selling….just books?

Let’s take coloring books for a moment.

If I was putting a list together I could say I’m selling….

– a few moments of peace for a stressed mind.
– a way to express creativity without judgement.
– a feeling of accomplishment
– nostalgia, and days gone by.

When you create your books with that mindset in mind, it’s not suddenly ‘churn them out and grab all the cash’….but it’s….’I care about my work and my customers. Every book I make is making a difference in someone’s life.’

Try it out yourself, make a list of what you’re selling and keep it beside your
work station. It’ll make you proud of what you’re doing.

At first glance, my coloring book course probably seemed like a cheap way of creating images. But to me I was sellling freedom from buying PLR articles, software, and a chance for the average person to create a great looking coloring book.

Same with my keyword for beginners course.

It might sound like just a keyword research course, but it puts all the power in your hands. Even if you haven’t got a clue about keywords, you’ll know in an instant if you’re wasting time and money choosing the right keywords for your coloring books.

You can find out more here.

So, what are you selling?