What? Oh No You Didn’t….

…I don’t know if you’re a fan of Netflix and it’s shows, but one of them really pissed me off the other day.

Which one you ask…

‘The Good Life.’

If you don’t know or care about the show, you can toss this blog post away.

But it’s basically the story of a woman that dies and ends up in the ‘Good Place.’

Things is…there’s been a big mistake and she doesn’t belong there.

And so in the first season we see her trying to be a good person and blend in, rather than going to the ‘Bad place.’

Then…spoiler alert.


….she’s finds out that she’s not in the good place, but the bad place.

And the whole thing was done so that the architect Michael (Ted Danson) could torture her and her fellow neigbors than doing it to them himself.

Don’t get me wrong I like the odd unexpected twist. But now the bumbling character Ted Danson played has suddenly become a devious and two faced character.

And for me the whole likeability of the show went down the shoot.

I know as writers we have to torture our characters (even though we love them), but we have to have things happen to them that aren’t nice for the sake of the story.

But by the end of the story they’ve become stronger from it.

And you can also make a devious character likeable by doing a few things in your plotting.

But sometimes you can take if too far. And in the case of ‘The Good Life,’ I’m out.

Maybe if they’d followed some of the things in my Simple Plotting course, they might have turned it around.

But for me, it’s onto something new for my next bingefest.