What Were We Thinking?

….many moons ago, my dad gave me an important job to do.

Now looking back, I think he only said that to get me to do it.

What was that important job I hear you ask?

Counting X’s on a “Find the ball” competition page.

Basically what the competition consisted of was, a picture of two soccer players playing football and the soccer ball was removed from the picture.

Your job was to put an X where you thought the ball was. I forget the price, but you paid for the number of X’s you put on the page. The higher the number, the more you paid.

My job was to count them to make sure the number on the page was correct.

Looking back, I can’t believe what fools we were.

1 – This was the time before computers were freely available, so how did they check all those sheets coming in?

2 – Did anyone have the job of making sure all pages were done correctly, with the correct number of X’s?

It should be no surprise to you that we never won any money.

When the results came out, the ball always seemed to be in a place that didn’t look anything like where it should have been.

But my dad, still did it, and I kept counting the X’s.

Publishing books is like that too.

Some of us think we’re doing the right stuff, but like my dad, you’re wasting money and effort for the chance of winning big.

Stop putting a X where you think the crowd is.

Find out where they are…

“12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books.”