What Would Batman Do?

…ever notice how you change the moment you put on your best clothes?

You walk straighter, you feel more confident and how you think and talk differs.

Then compare that to walking around in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Your body relaxes, you take a leisurely stride, and you think a lot differently.

Same person…different outcomes, all just from changing your clothes.

Same goes for people in uniform.

The moment they put on the clothes, they’re in that role. Already playing the part of being a cop, nurse, or fireman,
even before they’ve left the house.

Growing up, my hero was Batman. – Still is as a matter of fact.

Watching the best version of him, the animated series, I sometimes used to look at the world through that Batman’s  eyes.

What would he do in my situation?

If I asked him that question, how would he reply?

Would he chicken out or take action?

Most times, looking through Batman’s eyes, I did things differently. Or at least thought of my problem differently.

Same Barry….different results.

And all by using someone who I thought was better than me to lift my thinking and my actions beyond what little ole
Barry could see and do.

I don’t use it as much with Batman, but I do use it with more grounded heroes of mine in my business and life.

What would they do next in this situation?

Would they take this action, or would they sit and wait it out?

And would they take action, even if they didn’t know all the steps before they began?

Every time I do I see things I didn’t see, and take action I wouldn’t have taken.

Same goes for you too.

You can look at life through your lens, or you can swap it out for a hero of yours instead.

Even dressing like them as you work can make a big difference to your mental and physical state.

Remember the kids I spoke of the other day that did their school work dressed as Batman?

Same kids…different results.

Do you know something else that can make a big difference to your life and pocket?

Learning how to create your own colouring book images.

You could throw money away buying image packs that everyone else is using…or you could do a smarter thing and start making your own.

‘Show me this black magic,’ you say.

Here ya go..


Barry J McDonald.

PS – You could also sell those images onto others too?

Does anyone hear a ‘cha-ching’ noise?

If you didn’t, maybe you should look at through my eyes instead.  : D

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