What Would Jesus Do?

…now I know straight out the gate, some people are probably triggered by the blog title. Am I going to come out as the biggest atheist, or am I going to preach all fire and brimstone?

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s neither one. In fact, I’m just using Jesus as an example of the ultimate salesman.

For example, imagine you’d just been given the keys to a brand new religion that you had to get the word out about?

So right now on the chalkboard, there’s a single solitary chalk mark under ‘Number Of Followers.’

How would you go about doubling that figure?

Would you sit on your butt and say to yourself…’Well this religion is far better than anything else out there, so if I hang around here long enough someone’s bound to sign up.’

Or would you go and talk to some people?

Maybe talk to a few more?

Heck, maybe even build a small following and get them to help you with the leg work?

What else could work?

What about taking a pop at other people that are offering a product that’s less than yours, and showing why that’s true?

Maybe even put on a few public events to show that you’re the real deal?

All make sense? All basically just marketing 101?

And yet….people in the writing and publishing game have a different idea.

‘My fiction books are so good they’re going to sell themselves.’

‘If I keep putting great content on my blog, the traffic is bound to come.’

‘It’s too much work….or I’m too shy to tell people about my low content books.’

And then they wonder why they’re not making money, no one knows about them, and they get angry when ‘lesser’ talents are getting all the press and the publicity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger regularly uses one of Ted Turner’s quotes in his speeches.

‘Early to bed, and early to rise, work your butt off, and advertise.’

Some people say Arnold was never the greatest bodybuilder.

Some also say he was never the greatest actor.  🙂

But what he did know, he knew that if he was going to get anywhere, he had to advertise himself, and his movies. And he did it everywhere he could.

Right now, someone in your niche is doing better than you.

And all of that could be just down to being more known than you are.

Shy kids don’t get sweets, and shy authors don’t sell books.

Now while getting your name out there can take time, with getting your content and your name to as many places as possible, there is any easy way to promote your work.

And it’s all behind this link here.

PS – Now go out there and multiply.

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