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What Would Simon Cowell Teach You About Self Publishing Business?

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Whether you like Simon Cowell or not, one thing you can appreciate about him is his honesty.  Some of his comments may be down right brutal, and may be close to the bone, but sometimes  the truth has to be told.  Sometimes we delude ourselves,  thinking we’re doing all that we can to be successful. But sometimes we need to step back and look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes the truth hurts, but then they say, ‘The truth can also set you free.’

So what would he say about your publishing business?

Be Honest With Yourself – How are you spending your day? If you claim that you’re a writer and yet spent most of the day on social media and not putting words on a page, how can you actually say that your day was productive? Be realistic about the way you spend your time during the day. Is that 2 hours of TV a good use of your time, or would it not be better spent sitting at the keyboard and working on your new book?

Writers are paid for their writing, the same way painters are paid for their painting. If you’re not writing, you’re not making money at the end of the day.  You chose to become a writer and because of that decision you have chosen to be paid for the words that you put down on a page. If you’re not doing that, then maybe it’s time you changed your vocation, or just use writing as a hobby.

Have You Got What It Takes? – Like the bad  auditions we see an American Idol, are you  one of those singers who think that they’re going to make it and yet haven’t got a note in their head. We the audience can see it, but in their minds they are already selling out stadiums.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t me stomping on your dream,  if you really want to be writer go for it.  But be honest with yourself where you are at this present moment. If you’re writing stinks, be honest and say to yourself ‘My writing stinks.’ But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Maybe like those bad auditions, maybe it’s time you went back to class and studied a few singing lessons first, before you think you’re going to sell out those stadiums. If you’ve never bought a book on writing, plotting, or character creation, how can you ever expect to improve?

Build Up Your Self Belief –  Becoming a writer means you’re constantly going to question your ability. You’re going to find other writers become more successful than you and you’re going to wonder if maybe you should just give it up. Whatever you might think of Simon Cowell, there’s no denying the self-confidence he has in himself. And so it has to be with you too. It’s one thing to be full of yourself and have no talent, but it’s another to keep putting yourself down when you do have some. Because of that you’re going to have to grow a thick skin for the comments, reviews, and the lack of sales that some of your books may have, it’s going to happen to you. Be prepared for it.

Be prepared for the hard work writing alone, not getting enough support from anyone, and having to rely on yourself to keep going. If you don’t think you’ll be able to do this, then maybe you should give up your writing and find some easier occupation to take up.

While Simon Cowell mightn’t have the first notion about self publishing, his ability to see through the facade and point out the truth is what makes him popular. There are so many people out there not only kidding themselves but other people too. At the end of the day it’s the results that are going to prove how good you are. If you’re not getting results you want,  then maybe it’s time to look at things with Simon’s eyes.


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