What Would The 3 Ghosts Of Christmas Say To You?

…watching Scrooge, from the comfort of your sofa, as he’s put through the wringer sure is entertaining.

‘Yeah you show him!’ you remark,as the first ghost shows him his past life and how he’s changed from what he was before he became mean and twisted.

We revel in his pain, as the second, and third ghost, show him what the world really thinks of him and the lonely and empty future that lays ahead.

Thankfully, for Scrooge, he got his warning in time..a little late…but better than never and he put things back on track.

But what if you had your own visit from Jacob Marley and friends this Christmas?

What past, present, and future would they point out to you?

Of businesses past, when you gave up before they got successful, and you jumped onto the next opportunity?

Of lack of action now, because you were waiting for that magical Disney moment to finally get started.

Or a future where customer and readers are deprived of your talent, and never get a chance to read your words or learn from your courses. – Or worse, watch someone else get all the glory for that great idea you never acted on.

‘Please ghost, take me away from these horrors,’ you remark, not wanting to be reminded of what you did, and didn’t do.

‘Change your ways…..change your ways,’ the ghost moans, as it disappears, leaving you back at home.

‘Thank God, that was just a dream,’ you smile, wiping a bead of sweat away.

Or….was it?

This is not just for dummies.

Barry J McDonald.