What You Can Learn From A Dying TV Channel

…at the moment the main Irish TV channel network is going through a rough time, with down scaling, layoffs, and selling assets to keep the lights on.

Sad, right?

But, when you consider that they get an income from advertising, and the TV licence, you kinda lose whatever pity you had.

Because if you can’t make it with all the odds in your favour, there’s something wrong with that business plan.

And there’s a lot of business online like that.

Creating content and products that no one wants.

And paying over the odds to get it in front of a handful of customers.

And, like RTE, they stubbornly keep going waiting for that magical moment when it all turns around.

It ain’t coming.

If no one wants your stuff….no one wants your stuff.


Now while that’s a painful thing to face up to, especially if you’ve spent a long time creating stuff, and you’re still living on the good ole days (like RTE wants folk to), you’re deluding yourself.

Amazon kicked the butt of the offline shopping world for a good reason.

Lack of availability, poor customer service, and the fact that most shops never kept in touch with past customers was there ready to be exploited.

‘It’s not fair.’

‘They should be regulated better.’

‘It’s not a fair playing field.’

At the end of the day, your customer picks the playing field they want to play on, not you. It’s your job to give them what they want, the way they want it.

Don’t do that, and you’ll go the same way as our Irish dinosaur TV network.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – And unlike Netflix, this monthly membership can put money in your pocket not the other way around.