What You Can Learn From A Magnifying Glass

…so how’s 2019 working out for ya?

Now that we’re almost at the end of this month – if you haven’t started to turn things around by now – the next eleven don’t look too good either.

But maybe that’s because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Trying to lose weight, make ten grand a month, and be a better parent, is a lot of spinning plates to keep going.

But, rather than going for it all this year, why not focus on the smallest goal you could achieve.

For example…if you’ve ever held a magnifying glass to a piece of paper on a sunny day, you’ll know that if you concentrate the sun’s rays on that pin point for long enough, that paper will eventually ignite and burn. – Drop it on the grass and it has the potential to burn the whole neighborhood down.

Same goes with your goals. – The smallest goal, can spill over into larger ones.

Take me and my daily email writing.

My small goal each day is to come up with an email idea and write a daily email.

Nothing huge you could say, but I can already see it spilling over into other parts of my life.

Committing to that daily task without fail, means I’m showing up more times to work out. – If I won’t accept excuses for one, it’s hard to make up ones for the other.

My mind is now more creative, as it’s constantly on the hunt for email ideas. – Something that I can already see helping me with course ideas and fiction.

I’m less distracted each day, by the bull that most social media folks are swept up in. – When you’re too busy looking at your small dot, the rest of the world doesn’t have your attention.

That small goal is also filling the WriteCome blog with content every day. – Not bad, for one small goal.

One word, one sentence, one daily email. – Email Ace.

PS – Oh, and that magnifying glass idea, came from a teaching by Matt Furey. – Someone who I think’s achieved a whole lot by breaking it down to the basics. – Unlike the hustling, killing it, crew on Facebook.

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