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What You Can Learn From ‘The Little Red Hen.’

….a friend of ours is moving home and she’s in the process of going through her junk before she packs up everything.

She sent over a bag of books that Finn, our seven year old, might like to read.

One of those was…….The Little Red Hen.

Now I’m sure you’ve read it already, but for those of you that haven’t, it’s basically about a little hen that wants to bake a loaf of bread.

Only having seeds to begin with, she grows a small crop of wheat,  waits for it to grow, and once it’s ready, she mills it into flour and finally bakes her loaf of bread.

But for each step of the way, she asks some of the farmyard animals if they’d give her a hand. Of course none do.

‘I’m busy, it’s too hard work’……you get the idea.

And so when the little hen finally pulls out her steaming loaf of goodness, everyone wants a part of it.

But being the clever hen she is, she eats it in front of them and doesn’t share a piece.

She’s probably a lot like you.

Maybe you’re working away, day after day, and you’re not getting support from family or friends.

‘Give it up…you’re wasting your time,’ they say.

Or maybe you’ve reached out to someone higher up, or further on than you, and all you hear is crickets. – Zilch.

Just keep in mind, that when that loaf of bread of yours is cooked, it’s going to be a sweet day. That’ll be the day when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Then it’s up to you who’ll share in the spoils.

So if you feel that no one’s taking you seriously, be like that little red hen, work the recipe, and keep your goal in mind.

How good will it feel, when you say, ‘I told you so…I knew I could do it.’

Pretty good, right?

Something to keep in mind when you’re grinding it out alone. 

You know where you can get support and more products than you can shake a stick at?

That’s right. WriteCome.

And for those of you that are looking to build a list, but haven’t the foggiest about landing pages and such.

I know you’ll like my little growing collection of landing page videos on the blog.

Landing Page 101

You’re welcome.

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