What You Can Learn From Vin Diesel?

…firstly if you’re confused about the name, he’s an actor and a highly paid one going by the news.

Vin Diesel came in at No.1 in the ranking of top grossing actors.

Which is funny, because he can’t act and his movies are low brow.

Again if you’re lost here… he’s the head honcho of the Fast And The
Furious series of movies.

But if you’re looking for someone that looks mean and moody, Vin’s your

But you can learn a lot from Mr. Diesel.

1 – You don’t have to be the best in your craft if you can give your audience
what they want.

2 – Nothing he makes is perfect. Sure, it’ll get you from A to B, but you’ll find
huge plot holes in his movies that you could fly the Millennium Falcon
through. But again, he gives people what they want.

3 – He loves his series. Sly Stallone has nothing on Vin. Now on his eight
Fast And Furious films, he’ll probably milk the idea until they’re racing wheelchairs around the nursing home.
So, the moral of the story is….

Give people what they want…Not what you want, but what they want

Your work doesn’t have to be perfect…Quality is important, but no one makes
any money waiting for perfection.

Offer more things for your customer to buy… Pay attention to your past customers and sell more to them than constantly looking for new ones.

And you my friend will make a lot of people happy, including your bank

Or you could point your finger like all the other better actors, not on the
earning list, and complain that you better should be making more money
with your work.