What You Don’t Say To Someone In A Call Center

…I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day that still works in the same call centre I used to.

Didn’t know I spent some time in one? – Boy, I’ve a ton of stories I could tell you about the type of people you get talking to on helplines.

Two that come to mind right now are…

Trying to have a conversation with a guy who had Turrets syndrome, who spent all the conversation calling me everything under the sun in the most ‘colourful’ language I’ve ever heard, as I tried to get his gas reconnected.

And two, spending ten minutes racing through the English countryside on a quad motorbike. Seems the guy was going to pay his gas bill in the middle of nowhere, but forgot his credit card. This involved me sitting and listening to every hum and rev of the motorbike as ‘we’ raced back to the farmhouse to get it.

Fun times.

But my friend had a good one for me.

Seems when she was doing her best to help out a customer, he told her to pass him on to the next dept as her voice was irritating him.

You ring a helpline looking for help, and then you tell the person that their voice is irritating?

As you’d expect, he spent an extra twenty minutes on hold before she put him through to the right department.

Me. I would have ended the call right there.

And so it is with your books. Or having an online business for that matter. You can be the greatest ‘people pleaser’ in the world and you’ll still piss someone off.

They won’t like you, they won’t like your book, they won’t like the purple font on the book cover….it could be anything.

And if you’re not prepared for it,  I’ll be honest, it can hurt.

I know it did for me in the beginning.

Thing is, you can go out of your way to make it up to them and it still won’t help.

They’re not your people. And never will be.

So be prepared for the hate mail, the bad book reviews, the email unsubscribes, whatever way it comes….but always remember this…

‘They’re not your people.’

So don’t people please, or try to put out those fires. People are going to hate you because you’re you.

Like that girl in the call centre, it could be as simple as your voice irritating  them.

Don’t waste time, or thought, on those people. Just mentally hang up that call and focus on your fans instead.

If you can’t, you’ll never make it far in this game.

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