What’s A Better Use For Your Eyes And Ears Today?

 …”Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.”  – Dan Sullivan.

So what are your eyes and ears looking for?

Have you given them a job to do?

Or are they running on autopilot, amused, entertained, and angered by any nonsense that comes down the river?

And when was the last time you gave your brain any concrete to think about other than where you last left the car keys?

Problem is, most of us don’t give our greatest assets anything worthwhile to do. – Go sit in a conversation with family and friends and you’ll probably find that the conversation doesn’t go any higher than a talk about the weather, how fat they’re getting, the latest boxset on Netflix, or the job they hate going to.

And if that’s all you use your brain for, it’ll find plenty of reasons why the weather’s great or crap, you understand how hard it is for them to lose weight,  why that series is unmissable,  and yeah their boss is a dick and the job sucks.

Now if you want to be unpopular, and stop getting invited to those social gatherings, ask the group why they let those things annoy them, why they haven’t done anything to change them, and when did watching TV become an achievement?

Cue… pin drop. – Along with a few slack jaws.

Because let’s face it, most people are brain-dead. – Not that they’re retarded, but it’s not switched on.

We’ve taken something that created the Internet, and done the equivalent of looking at cat memes all day with it.

And when you give it nothing to do, or a goal to aim for, guess what? It doesn’t bring you anything to get out of where you are.  – Like a blind man you miss all the things and opportunities that are around you right now.

Here’s an example…

…look around the room, car, or wherever you are, and find two things that are red in colour.

Now blue.

Now green.

Surprised to see them?

Didn’t notice those things until you looked for them? – And yet there they were. Some even right under your nose.

Give your brain problems to look for and it’ll find them.

Give your brain reasons why you suck and it’ll find them.

Give your brain the task of making $10 bucks and it’ll find it.

It could find you solutions, talents, and thousands of dollars, but that’s not what we give it.

So be aware of what you’re asking your brain to find today because it’ll do its darndest to find it for you. – Even if you don’t want it.

And the bit about asking friends to face the truth… well, use that one at your own discretion.

The truth can set you free… but it can also make you very unpopular too ; )

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