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What’s In A Name?


…when you’re in a market that everyone else is in, a name can make a big difference.

It can make what you do look unique, and hard to be compared.

Take for example, my keyword research course.

Which sounds better…

‘Keyword Research For Beginners 2’


‘Book Nerd’

Being lazy at the time, I just added a 2 and left it at that.

Whereas if I’d taken five minutes, and used my noggin, I could have made it sound better.

Even putting a name on your process, can make your product uncomparable.

Ever looked at the label on a shampoo bottle?

It’s never just a ‘We got all this junk, stuck it in a squirty bottle, and here you go.’

It’s, this is ‘Enchanted Evening Bath Soak’ or it’s an ‘Ultracalming cleanser.’

Both mean nothing, unless the bath soak is going to whisk me off for a candlelit dinner by the beach, or the cleanser is going to gently dust my forehead with cotton wool balls at bedtime.

But it sounds good, and makes me feel like it’s going to do me some good.

So put some thought into what you do.

Can you ‘shampooize’ your book description?

Can you rename a product that everyone else is selling, and make it more unique?

Sometimes, a small thing can make a big difference.

So next time you’re on the loo, put away that smartphone and look at how others are building word pictures with their toiletries, and use it to put some ‘pizzaz’ into what you’re making.

Book Nerd

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – Oh, and here’s a fun little name generator.


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