‘What’s That Noshin’ On Ma Leg.’

…I doubt the title of this blog post would have sold many books for Peter Benchley.

Thankfully he didn’t listen to his father and instead went with the shorter and sweeter ‘Jaws’ title.

And he isn’t alone.

Napoleon Hill, who before he woke up with the title….’Think and Grow Rich,’ was told the title of his new book was going to be ‘Use Your Noodle To Get The Boodle.’

Again, I doubt many would have raced out to buy a book with that name.

When it comes to book titles, or even product names, a few minutes spent with a pen and paper can make a big difference to how many copies you sell.

Thankfully, in this digital age, you can change a cover and a name quickly, and undo those slow sales.

Speaking of titles….how about ‘Chrome Cash’?

The title’s short and sweet and tells you exactly what you can expect from it.

The best part is…..you can do exactly what I did in that report and have your own money making product.

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PS – And speaking of names…here’s a naughty one that got past the British Jockey Club.

The horse’s name…’Sofa Can Fast.’

Wonder if he lived up to his name?