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What’s The One Thing These Three Companies Have In Common?

…Uber, AirBnB, and Facebook?

Now you’ll probably jump to the fact that they’re worth a lot of money, and are used by a lot of people, but there’s something else?

What is is?

They don’t own anything of their own.

Uber doesn’t own any cars.

AirBnB doesn’t own any homes.

And Facebook, well everyone creates content for their site.

Mind blown?

Yep, some of the biggest sites and they rely on other people to build their businesses for them.

Now, I think we’d all love to be in that situation.

But there is a second-best option, and that’s using content that’s already out there.

There aren’t many original ideas anymore. Look around you now and you’ll find your TV has an Internet browser on it. Your alarm clock has a night light attached, and back in the ’80s, when I had a calculator on my digital watch, I thought I was the bee’s knees.

We’ve come a long way from there.

Sometimes combining things, is a great way to come up with something completely new.

Take my Vector Graphic Coloring Image course as an example.

Take a coloured vector graphic, add a free piece of software to the mix, and voila, a never-ending amount of colouring book images that can fill hundreds of low content books.

Hard to believe right?

Am I a genius?

Nope. I just saw two ideas and combined them both together.

You can see the proof of the pudding right here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – So what can you mix and match today?

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