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What’s Your Mission?

What's your mission?

…I used to love the old Mission Impossible intro where the team were given a message about what they needed to do before that message self-destructed.

Then there was the lit fuse, the intro music and away we went…

Dun, dun, dun. dun, dun, dun, dun…

Then over the next forty minutes, or so,  they were focused on that mission and what was needed to achieve it.

Everything else was thrown out the window. – If it wasn’t part of the mission it wasn’t relevant.

So what about your mission?

Do you have a mission?

If you don’t, imagine for a moment that you did have one.

What would you be doing differently?

I doubt you’d be hanging out in Facebook groups where nothing get’s done and everything gets talked about.

I doubt you’d be over on WarriorPlus buying the latest bright shiny object of the week.

I doubt you’d be putting your name in another option page looking for another freebie you’ll never use.

I doubt you’d be deciding what the best colour palette for your home page or what font looks best this week.

I doubt you’d be torn between a boxset on Netflix or getting some content created.

I doubt you’d care about Sally down the street and what she’d think of you being on TikTok.


None of those would matter unless they were part of your mission.

Your biggest problem right now is probably that you don’t have a mission.

And when you don’t have a mission, that little sailboat of yours is just bobbing around waiting for any slight wind to carry it somewhere.

It’s no wonder people can’t show up, get out of their comfort zones, and stick to anything for longer than five minutes.

It’s ‘follow the follower.’

The best advice I’d give you today is to get away from the web and think about what you’d like to achieve.

What’s a difference you want to make in the world?

What do you want to leave behind you?

Who’s life do you want to make better and how?

The second best advice I’d give you is to learn how to write emails.

But I don’t wanna write emails, Barry!

Even if you never send one, they could become the backbone of your content creation

Here’s how I do it, and why I do it. 

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