When Did You Give Up On Your Dream?

…ever given that question any thought?

What happened to that kid who was all bright-eyed, and whenever they were asked what they wanted to be, had no problem telling complete strangers what that was?

Where did you lose that spark along the way?

It’s amazing when you think about it, that kids are bigger dreamers than adults are.

That what was once a world filled with opportunities gets narrowed down to working nights stacking shelves. – Where I was.

And that ‘cone of depression’ that we get condensed and squeezed through rarely gets expanded on.

We look at where we are and resign ourselves that that’s the way it’s always going to be till the finish line.

If the younger version of us had a time machine and saw where we ended up they’d be horrified… to put it mildly.

Now I know you can blame where you are on a lot of things, negative programming, being turned into a worker drone by the education system, the government, etc.

And yeah,  a lot of that is true.

But when did you give up trying to turn it around?

When did you settle for where you are?

When did you stop pushing yourself out of the narrowing comfort zone you’ve boxed yourself into?

When did you, as an adult, start to care more about other people’s opinions than your life?

When did you forget all the times you fell over learning to walk and start to give up when you didn’t get it right the first time?

Faced with the younger version of you, how would you explain that to yourself?

That where you are, and what you’ve settled for, is all they’ve got to look forward to?

Can you imagine the spark going out of their eyes?

Maybe it’s time to make them proud of you.

Maybe it’s time to give them the ultimate phoenix from the ashes story.

Maybe it’s time to relight that spark that’s gone out in you.

You may have given up until now, but you can start today.

Do something the younger version of you is going to love you for.

You might have been a lot smaller back then, but you were a lot braver.

Go get them, Tiger!

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