When Is A Coloring Book Image Not A Coloring Book Image?

When Is A Coloring Book Image Not A Coloring Book Image?

….before I begin, I know some of you will nod your head, have an a-ha moment, and maybe say ‘That’s great,’ but you won’t take any action on it.

So when is a coloring book page not a coloring book page?

Simple. When it’s not left in the book.

Picture the scene…

You’ve just worked for an hour, coloring in an image that you really enjoyed  doing.

You sit back and smile…it look’s pretty awesome…and then you close the book never to look at it again.

But…what if you could take that masterpiece of yours and slot it into a picture frame?

Maybe…scan that baby and make a JPEG or PNG image with it. If the qualities good, you could put it on a t-shirt, coffee cup, or wall canvas using Cafepress or Redbubble.

Heck, why not rip out all your coloring book pages and do that with them?

Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you can’t make your own artwork?
There’s nothing stopping you from…

– Creating a series of videos or a report showing how to do this and giving that away to your coloring book customers.

– Offering said course/report as a free bonus for joining your email list?

– Heck, charge them money for that information?

– Or simply sent them to Amazon (with your Amazon affiliate link) where they can pick up the perfect picture frame to showcase their work?

Bill Platt’s new spiral book course makes that even easier to do.

Simply get your coloring books made with a spiral and then they can just rip that baby out.

Wonder if the reverse physcology worked? Will you do it?