When Is An Email, Not An Email?

…as you probably know I’m a big fan of re-purposing.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically using the same content in lots of different ways.

If you bought my coloring book course, one thing you could do is reuse those images for workbooks, planners, or t-shirts.

If you’re writing to a blog, you could pull 3 -5 tips from a blog post and use it on your social media images, or use them on tip sheets for collecting email addresses.

Now where was I…

Oh yeah… emails, what can you do with emails?

Simple….blog posts.

Just take your daily emails and repost them to your blog?

If your emails are entertaining, edumacational, and have a link to a product/promotion/website at the bottom, a strange thing happens…

Google indexes that content and over the weeks and months ahead, visitors
can read those emails too.

So even if you’ve only got a list of ten subscribers, you’re going to
find a lot of blog visitors dropping by and taking action on those email
blog posts.

Nice, right?

Want to know how to write those emails, the right way…

…and make them edumacational and entertaining?

Oh…and have an unlimited list of ideas to use?

You do?

Go here.

PS – You could also use these email blog posts to sell your new coloring books?

Wanna guess where this email is going in the next 5 minutes? Right here.