When Was The Last Time You Had Some Fun?

…or any of your customers for that matter.

Dan Meredith has a great motto..

‘Fun and profits.’

And it shows in most things he does, take his one on one coaching for example.

Dan being Dan, thought rather than doing the whole class room kinda thing, he wanted to fun it up, and bought two jet skis.

So when he’s got coaching to do, he takes his classroom on the high seas and does it out there.

So what about you, and what you do?

When’s the last time you did something fun for your customers?

Or even for yourself?

What about creating a charity event around what you do?

Give something away for free?

Put some winners names in your next fiction book?

I can hear that little voice in your noggin right now…..

‘I dunno….I couldn’t do that.’

Why not?

Just because everyone and it’s mother is all hustle, hustle, hustle, doesn’t mean you have to follow the Pied Piper too.

People like being around people that are fun to be around. – Plus, it’s good marketing too.

Let me ask you, how many people have brightened your day by being in your email inbox today?

Not too many I bet.

The same goes for your customers and readers too.

So why not do something today just for giggles, and see what happens?

That thing I did on the Facebook page earlier, was spur of the moment. – And let’s face it, I’m not going to go out of pocket giving away a free copy of my report.

You can find that competition page here.

PS – And the funniest thing, someone unsubscribed from my list after that email I sent.

Just shows you, some people would rather walk around with a stick up their ass than lighten up.

So long, splinter butt!

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