Where Are Ya? I Can’t See Ya?

…because if I can’t see ya…I can’t buy from ya.

Now, I don’t know where all you hang out on, but if you’re sitting in Amazon, Etsy, or even your own site…you’re
not getting the most eye balls on you and your work.

You’ve got to get out there.

Like authors many years ago, that lugged their books from one store to another, you’re going to have to wear down your own digital leather.

Where is your audience hanging out on?

Now, your first thought may be Facebook, but where else?

What about the parenting forums?

The mum’s blogs?

The fiction groups?

What about the people on Quora who are asking questions related to your niche?

Podcasts…your own or someone else’s.

YouTube even, commenting on videos or making your own.

The more places you’re in the better.

You don’t have to throw yourself headlong into it…but create a schedule…one day Facebook…second day YouTube …third day…Blogs.

Yeah, it’s old school…but it still works.

The more places you’re in the better.

Or you could just sit on your butt and wait for the throngs to coming rushing your front door.

A word of advice…you’ll be waiting.

One of the easiest things you can do, create one piece of content, and re-purpose the hell out of it.

Here’s how ya do it.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Or you could pick up one of my Disney fairy’s, I’m doing a sale on them right now…squillion bucks apiece.