Where Are Your Customers Going To Come From?

….when it comes to selling stuff online,  a lot of us leave out the most important part… the customer.

We create the book, build the course, get ready for coaching, before we have our customers.

Then we wonder why there’s digital tumbleweed blowing down Digital Main Street.

When we go down that route, we create products no one wants but us.

But when you start with your customers, and find out what they want things get a lot easier for you.

That’s why I often through the odd question in here to see what people want.

When I don’t get a reply… or two people put their hand up… I know it’s a non-runner before I start.

Now, you may be thinking, that’s all good and well you’ve got an email list.

But I don’t have any customers I can go to.

You have, and it’s called social media.

Now, you know I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Most times it’s a distraction to your work.

But for testing out ideas it’s a good place to start.

How, create some short-form content and toss it out there.

Some of it will sink without a trace, but some will get attention with likes and comments.

When you see that happening, you know you’re walking in the right direction.

Now, the best bit as you’re doing that, is you’re getting noticed.

People tag along for the ride to see what you’re up to and what you can help them with.

Those people are your future customers and email subscribers.

What content should you make?

Make content about everything you’re into. – Test out multiple ideas at the same time.

Make it short.  – This way it’s not a drain on your time. And if it sinks without a trace, it’s no biggie.

When you see things that get attention, lean into those and see where they take you.

That’s ideas for your next book, product, and coaching program.

Now you know you’re going in the right direction.

Now if you’re shy, and don’t want to get on camera, there’s a way around that.

You can go faceless.

Yeah, you can use AI like this product shows you right here.

But you can also just hold a camera to a book and read passages from it. – Show people the inside of your puzzle books.

Go for a walk, with the camera pointing away from you, and record your thoughts and advice as you do so.

And the best bit, you can use these pieces over and over again.

Create a folder of what works and turn those into longer content, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or whatever.

You can keep throwing stuff at the wall and see what works, or you can mingle with your customers and see what they want instead.

Here’s how to do it faceless using AI, which includes my ebook ‘Social Media For Introverts’ 

Or you can do it yourself… but stop creating products before you’ve got a customer for them.

Have a good one!