Where’s The 2.0 Version Of Your Book?

Congratulations, you’ve published a book.

Now what?

If you’re like most authors and self publishers, you’re either riding on the popularity of that book until that moment of fame passes, or you’re already planning your next book.

But what about the one you finished?

What about the 2.0 version of that book?


Let’s face it, no matter how great your book was, how much research you put into it, you probably could have put more into it.

Reading back through your book, or listening to your readers and book reviews you may now see the holes and knowledge bombs you could have put into it.

Now of course you could simply edit your manuscript, fill in those gaps, and upload the new version.

But, why stop there?

While you might have written the best book on that topic since the earth cooled, not everyone is ever going to read your book.

Why? Because not everyone are readers or learn best through text.

Offering your knowledge in text only means you’re missing out on the people that learn best through video or audio.

Any light bulbs going off in that head of yours?

And not only are you missing out on those people, but those that read your book may have questions that they need answers to.

  • Maybe there’s a point your didn’t explain well enough?
  • Maybe you didn’t break that complicated process down as well as you could have?
  • Or maybe you could have added a few snapshots, screen captures, or a short video explaining how to do a particular pose or procedure?

Now, even if you update your manuscript, those problems may still be there.

Any more light bulbs going off in that head of yours?

So, what can you do to overcome all of those problems, and make sure you help as many people as you can.

Two options.

  • 1 – Create an expanded training course filled with text, video, and audio.
  • 2 – Create a one on one, or group coaching program.

In the first option, you simply go back through your book and create checklists that readers can use to keep on track,  summaries of each chapter to reinforce the most important actions and points from your book, videos that explain everything in minute detail, and audio from each video that readers can listen to on their MP3 players.

In the second option, you can either open yourself up to one to one email coaching (or Skype video calls) where readers have access to you to answer any questions or run suggestions by you. Or group coaching, where you ‘virtually’ sit down with a group and again go through any questions, problems, or actions they need clarity on.

As you’d probably expect both of these options have a higher price tag. So not only are you now helping more people, but you’re making more than money than your book royalties.

Still think a 2.0 version of your book is still a bad idea?

Now all you’ve got to do is put it together.

Here’s 5 reasons why all authors should have a high priced course.