Where’s The Fun?

Where's The Fun?
Where’s The Fun?

….this past week or so, as I’ve been playing around with video, I noticed more and more people talking about A.I. on TikTok.

‘Put this prompt in and you’ll get this out.’

‘Grab this guy’s content and reuse it as your own.’

‘Clone this one’s website and take all their customers.’

‘Get this, dead-eyed A.I. version of you, and you can churn out unlimited content on unlimited sites.’

But the one thing that no one mentions is having fun.

Doing stuff cause it makes you happy.

Having fun, like what you hear about a start-up company appearing out of nowhere and taking over the world, and everyone ate pizza all day and slept in their office.

When those companies go public, it’s not unusual for them to wish they were back in their early days when everything was a gamble and everyone had a smile on their face.


Remember that?

Getting lost in what you were doing and you had to be dragged to the dinner table?

When was the last time you had it in your business?

When’s the last day you had a fun day?

Or is every day a trudge and a chore and you’re constantly chasing the money?

Now, don’t get me wrong, money’s good for paying bills….but shouldn’t an online business be more than that?

Shouldn’t you close up your laptop with a smile on your face… or at least not have a frown on it?

I remember the late great Bob Proctor talking about people who made money on the stock exchange and how the more they loved what they did, the more money they made.

To them, the money made them happy.

But it was their love of what they did, that brought in the cash.

So, where’s the fun?

Right now, there’s a lot I could be doing but I love writing emails.

Whether you read them or pay attention to them, I send them off anyway.

There’s no A.I. here.

I’m not thinking of gaming Gmail’s algorithm.

I’m just having fun coming up with ideas that I think we both need to hear and I sent them off.

If you’d like to put a smile on your face and maybe someone else’s in the inbox, click here and see the simple system this guy has.

But for God’s sake…do something for fun’s sake today.

“Turn What’s In Your Head… Into Money In Your Pocket” https://writecome.com/