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Who Do You Want To Help?

Who Do You Want To Help?
Who Do You Want To Help?

..if I were to ask you who you wanted to help, who would that be?

Ladies over 40?

Men with cats?

Stressed parents, that have two kids?

People heading into retirement age?

Or maybe it’s everybody?

Imagine for a moment that you had a business that promoted brick and mortar business on Facebook, and one day a hairdresser asked you to work with them.

‘Ok,’ You’re thinking. ‘Who is their customer?’

Now you could get all technical and do a load of digital research, or you could just sit in front of their shop for a week and look at the typical person that walks in the door.

Using that, you find out that it’s women over the age of 50, and judging by the cars they drive away in, they’ve got a good income.

So now you go to Facebook and only select ads toward those people.

In your business, who walks in your door?

Who buys your fiction books?

Who buys your products?

Who follows you on social media?

You know, if you had that, you’d know where to advertise, what products they might also like, and you wouldn’t be jumping up and down waving your arms at anyone with a pulse.

But you’re not the only one.

Open the local paper and you’ll find businesses buying ads that are targeted to everyone.

But if they did, what I talked about above, I’m sure you’d agree they’d have more success.

Everyone isn’t interested in what you do.

Just like everyone won’t become a member of WriteCome.

But then again, I’m not looking for everyone. : )

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