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Who Would Be Interested In You?

For some of us, that’s what holds up back. Who would want to read our book? Who would want to listen to our podcast? Who would want to listen to my life and what I do? – No one.

For me, I can probably trace that thought of mine back to school. Being someone that didn’t have the cool stuff, was the physical shape of a pipe cleaner growing up, and was bullied in both primary and secondary school, you kinda wonder what you’ve got to give the world.

Your route may have been a little different but the result is the same. Because of that you don’t write, record, or think that your story is worth listening to. Everyone else is amazing, but your life and thoughts just ain’t up there. And if you were to believe the newsfeed today, everyone’s the most loved up, talented, and perfect human to walk the earth. 

But I’d argue that point. The greatest teachers are not those that have lived a perfect life, but an unperfect one. The ones that show what’s capable aren’t the ones with the perfect physique, but the ones with body parts missing. And the funniest among us are usually the saddest ones that try to make everyone else feel better. 

When I was growing up, my father would bring home little cars and trucks from his travels. Years later, he would remark that if we kept them in the boxes they’d be worth a fortune. But where was the fun in that? Keeping something that’s supposed to be played with in its box? Remembering those little cars now with their dents and scratches, each one was from something I’d tried to do but where it went wrong.  

Life’s like that too. It was never meant to be kept in its packaging. You don’t get extra brownie points at the end of your life for bringing back your body to the dealer and it scar-free or even back in one piece. Like the cars, each scar, break, and dent is a sign that you took it to places that were probably beyond you, but you pushed the limits just to see what you could do. Each one tells a story. Each one is a piece of advice you can hand on to someone else. 

And because of all that, we need you and your life experience. What would you have done better? What do you regret and not regret? How high can we build a ramp without breaking our neck on a push bike? The answers are locked away right now because you think you’ve got nothing to give the world. – But I’d argue that point. 

There are stories only you can tell. Life experiences that only you have had. Fictional characters that only you can create. And we need them. 

So who would be interested in you and what you could bring to the table? We’ll never know until you get the courage up and start telling us your story. Because your story is just as important as anyone else’s. 

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