Who Would Have Thunked It?

…the other day Gatwick airport was shut down for hours because a rouge drone was flying into their airspace.

Seems, every time the air traffic control thought it was safe for flights to resume, the drone would make an appearance over the air field and shut down the airport once more.

Hundreds of people trapped and unable to get home for Christmas because of a little radio controlled pest.

Crazy, right?

You couldn’t make that stuff up.

Was it the Russians, looking to teach the UK government a lesson?

Was it tree huggers protesting at new runway plans?

Who do you think it was?

That little event could easily be the opening for your new thriller book, where your London cop has to stop an assassin attempt on a foreign leader trapped at the airport.

It could be the beginning of your Christmas romance book, where a couple meet up when they’re both stranded at the airport.

It could be a flash back in your new apocalypse book, where it was the beginning of AI’s awakening and the road to it taking over the world.

Three ideas from a simple news event.

If you’re always looking for unique book ideas that haven’t been done a million times, they’re all around you, you just can’t see them.

I know what that’s like. I used to have problems coming up with story ideas for my books, nowadays I can’t get my brain to quieten down.

If you’d like a ton of ideas for 2019, then go here.

PS – Or maybe it was some toddler playing with an app on his father’s iPad?

Who knows?

Super Simple Story Line’s.