Who Would You Die For?

…if there was a moment when you had to choose between your life and someone you love, I think you know who that person would be.

For you, it may be a spouse, partner, child, grandchild, best friend, whoever, but when the chips were down you wouldn’t need a second to think twice.

For me, Catherine and the kids would be on that list.

Now, let’s put that question on its head.

Who would you live for?

Now you’re probably saying the same folks.

So why aren’t you?

It’s easy to live for someone than die for them, but not many people do.

They disregard their weight gain, knowing deep down that lack of mobility will cut short their future and leave them with less time with that ‘loved one.’

They’ll go to the local betting shop, throw away a week’s wage on a horse, and not consider how that’s going to affect their wife and kids.

They’ll smoke like a train and still think they’ll be there to give away their young daughter on her wedding day.

They’ll put excuses for why they’re stupid, why they’ve got no talent, why they’re afraid of doing something, above the brighter and possibly greater financial future they could give that special person.

You said you’d die for that person?

So why not live for them instead?

Methinks they’d rather see you do that for them.

For me, there are days when…

– Writing a daily email is a chore
– Days when I don’t want to sit on an exercise bike (where it feels like my heart is going to come out of my mouth)
– Mornings I’d like nothing better than to close my eyes and lie on
– And times when I’m doubting what I’m doing because I don’t have the talent, or experience to do it.

If I did all of those things for me, I could easily let any of them slide with the weakest of excuses.

But when you’re doing them for someone else, you don’t have that option. You’re not living for them.

I’ll admit it’s hard.

But compared to giving away your life, I think it’s a lot smaller sacrifice.

If you can’t motivate yourself to take action, to find the time, to stop telling yourself excuses, stop doing it for yourself.

Become more than you are by doing it for someone in your life. Because honestly, I think they’d rather see you do that than give up your life for them.

Speaking of giving up time and lives, I’ve been reading through the survey results and a thought came to me.

Would you like a 7-day challenge to get the ball rolling on a particular area you’re stuck in?


Click here and give me your thoughts.

PS – I give Jamie Alderton full credit for giving me this thought-provoking email idea. You can find his great podcast here.