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Who’s Going To Save You?

…back when I used to stack shelves for a living, I used to dread some of the managers I used to have.

Some, just let you just get on with the job. Others used to act as if they owned the store. And if you messed up in any way, it was almost as if the money came out of their pocket than the store’s.

The best bit, some used to complain and look for sympathy from us when the store treated them for what they
were, a small cog in a big machine. 

Of course, we loved that. : ) 

At break time, most conversations revolved around how the company wasn’t paying us enough, that we weren’t   getting treated fairly for the job we did (we were nightshift after all),  and that the manager sucked and didn’t know what they were doing.

Funny thing is, each of those things were out of our control.

They paid us what they wanted to pay us.

The company treated us the way they wanted, because hey, anyone can put coffee jars on a shelf. – So you’re replaceable.

And the managers they hired, well that was also out of our control.

But none of us looked at it that way.

None of us looked at ourselves as the way out of that problem.

We could have left at any time.

We could have studied and learned a skill.

We could have created another income stream that would replace that job. ( I wasted a few years until I woke
up to that one.)

Heck, we could have pushed for a promotion to get further up the pyramid of misery.

But no, we took a back seat and grumbled that the driver wasn’t taking us to the right destination.

Right now, the news feeds are filled with people in that situation.

People looking for a government to save them, a business to save them, and eager to put their health on the line
for a job that was sucking the life out of them.

All putting the control in the hands of others instead of taking control of their own lives.

Now, I know not all of us got the best hand of cards for this game called life, but the rest of us…we have a choice.

You can look at others to save you, look for your best interest, or you can put yourself in the driving seat.

The people I left in that last job probably still grumble about the new job they’re in now.

Me, I’ll be forever grateful that I started, albeit a little on the late side, to turn my life in the direction I wanted it to go.

So…who’s going to save you?

If it’s not the one you see in the mirror each morning, then you’re putting someone else in the driver’s seat of your life.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – I also had a subscriber drop out after reading yesterday’s email.

Guess it wasn’t something he wanted to hear. : )