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Who’s Your Role Model?

…growing up, the person I wanted to be was ‘Arnie.’

When you came into my bedroom, that’s all that was on my walls. – Him flexing his muscles, working out in the gym, and his movie posters.

I think at one stage my mother thought I was gay because there wasn’t a sign of a female anywhere in my room.

And maybe you had one too. – A person you looked up to.

But, here’s the thing, and something I only heard recently….the title ‘role model’ ….has a lot more depth to it than maybe you’ve been giving it.

That person, you wanted to be like, was playing a ‘Role.’

And it was a role you wanted to ‘Model.’

And if your hero is playing a role in your eyes.

Then that means that you are also playing a role.

Which would agree with Shakespeare’s ‘All the world is a stage’ quote.

Because we’re all playing roles.

We’re all acting out a part every single day.

In the majority of cases, it’s a role that other people have given us.

They’ve given you your mental script and told you to play that part.

That’s why when you try to change some people can’t accept it.

‘You’ve changed.’

‘You never would have done that before.’

‘You can’t do anything like that.’

‘You write….yeah, right!’

And that’s because your new thoughts and actions don’t match up to the script you’re supposed to be reading from.

That’s why when you start ad-libbing you get a confused look on their faces.

You’re not playing the role you’re supposed to be playing.

Your role, in their mind, is that you’re the mom. the dad, the crazy sister, the dopey best friend, the one that’s always broke, the overweight one, etc.

Still have doubts?

Then study yourself.

What role do you portray when you put on a work uniform?

What role do you play when you’ve got your best dress or suit on?

What role do you still play at family get-togethers? – Still slot into the eldest ‘reliable’ one in the family, or the ‘baby of the family’ that no one takes seriiously?

We all play roles.

Which is a good thing.

Because that means, if you don’t like the part you’ve been playing, you can drop it at a moment’s notice and pick up a new part you’d like to play.

At the end of the day, we’re all pretending to be someone.

So what role would you like to play today?

While you’re thinking on that…this report is almost gone for good.

After that, it’s only available to WriteCome members’

Have a good one!


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