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Whose Life Are You Living?

…as an adult, we like to think that we’re in charge of everything in our life.

Yet how many of us, if we’re honest, will admit that the life we’re living isn’t our own?

That what we do is because of someone else’s decision or suggestion.

Our father was a doctor so we’re told that we should follow in their footsteps.

A friend goes off to join the army and we tag along with their decision.

A guidance teacher said that we’ll never be academic and that a trade is where we should go. – And they advise becoming a mechanic.

And we find ourselves living a life that wasn’t ours.

Living out another version of someone else’s life, where we’re supposed to be a better version than they were.

And like a puppet on a string, we go to work, go through the motions, and show up, feeling empty inside.

Like playing a board game where we weren’t given a go with the dice we don’t feel in control of the most important thing we have.

In my own case, I’ll always be grateful to my father for veering me away from the path that he was on.  Being a truck driver like his father before him, it would be easy for me to be behind the wheel right now instead of writing these words.

Thankfully, he reminded me constantly that driving a truck wasn’t the life he wanted for me.

It was only years later, when he was recovering from a heart attack and told that he’d never be able to drive again, that I realized that the job he had was one he’d no love for.

Ask if he’d miss it, I was given a ‘no.’

Not a ‘maybe’, not ‘sometimes,’ but just a short swift ‘no’ and nothing else.

Those two letters spoke volumes to me about what he’d spent the majority of his life doing. – To come to the end of your life and to look back and not be happy with what you’ve done.

Every day we meet people like that.

People living lives that weren’t really theirs.

People trying to put a smile on their face, trying to show the world that they’re winning, when winning is the last thing they’re doing.

That’s one of the reasons I show up here so often.

Because although you mightn’t be living your life, you can make changes where you are.  That it’s possible to educate, entertain, and inspire, even if it’s only part-time.

It just takes a little courage to do so. 

Hopefully, like what my father did for me, I can push you to create the life you want to have instead.

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