Why Amazon Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Copyright

As the title suggests, this post is going to be a little ranty and a bit venting on my part, if you don’t like that, move on, or click the little x on your tab or window above.

Now where were we?

Oh yeah, Amazon and their blindness to copyright, or when we’re making money who cares.

You see, a few day’s back,  I got an email from Createspace that informed me that two of paperback books had been reported to them for copyright infringement.

Did I pass someone else’s content off as my own?

Nope. Nothing as exciting at that.

What did I do?

I wrote a series of books based on a well known game.  – Minecraft.

These fan fiction books, were based on a collection of characters I created, that lived and had adventures in the world of Minecraft.

Problem is, someone didn’t like this and asked for my books to be taken down.

But like most things online nowadays, any yahoo can report your work and before you know it, you find yourself under copyright infringement.

No questions asked, no looking to see if it’s a competitor looking to scupper your work,  or if it’s the person that owns the copyright.

While I agree with whole copyright thing, and have suffered from my work being stolen in the past,  I hate when it’s selective.

I can get taken down from a copyright infringement for using Minecraft, but others are allowed to use the term in book titles, book descriptions, and anywhere they want.

Which makes me think?

Why is Amazon doing this?

Wouldn’t a mention of copyright infringement, mean that all books be taken down for using this term?

I mean if you’re serious about your job, you’d want to clear out your store of all the offending items.  – A quick search on their dashboard and it’s job done.

But no.  – YOU can’t use that term, but there’s nothing wrong with everyone else blatantly using that term.

Which makes me wonder, why would you do that?

Oh yeah, that’s right, we don’t want to kill the golden goose.

And God forbid you should mention this to Amazon, which I did yesterday.

They never replied to that, and only answered a previous question I asked, and only then was it a copy and paste answer that was a generic as you could get.

I also got a lifetime ban, or maybe longer, it was worded that way.

So Amazon it’s been fun while it lasted, and thanks for the sales.

Also,  thanks for not making your KDP platform a level playing field for everyone.

‘Amazon, we’ve no problem with copyright infringement as long as it’s making us money and no ones’s complaining.’