Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

...if I asked you why you’re doing what you’re doing, what would you say?

Why are you writing the book you are?

Why are you making the coloring books?

Why are you selling that stuff on Etsy?

Why are you writing to your blog?

If there’s nothing other than a ‘because’ or ‘I don’t know’ there’s not much of a backbone to what you do.

‘Because’ and ‘don’t knows,’ aren’t the kinda power that’s going to get you up out of bed first thing in the morning, staying up until the early hours, or keep you indoors on a sunny day.

You’ve got to have a reason behind what you do. The stronger the reason, the more butt in seat time you’ll do, the more plodding forward you’ll do, and the more prepared you’ll be to make a fool of yourself when you’re doing something you‘ve never done before.

So right now, after you’ve read this email, go grab a pen and paper and write down why you’re doing the things you’re doing.

Once you’ve done that, write down the things you’re going to miss out on, won’t be able to do, or be disappointed not having, if you don’t reach that goal.

Then keep that list beside you.

And if you can’t find something for you, or think it’s too self-centred, do it for someone else in your life.

Me. My goal is not only to be financially free for the rest of my life, but to repay my wife back for all the time she stood by me with my hair-brained schemes, for the times she kept me going, and for the times she believed in me when I didn’t.

I want to look her in the eye and say, ‘Catherine, we’re going on the holiday to the Maldives you always wanted to go on.’

That moment is what powers me to get my butt out of bed, to write every day, and do try things like a podcast because I want WriteCome to be the thing that supports me and helps you.

The more people I help, the quicker I’ll get to that moment. And you know something else, I’ll be back here tomorrow because of that moment.

Now enough of the emotions, off you pop and put your dream on paper. And no, don’t put the ‘I want to pay the bills as a goal.’

You were here to do more than that.

I did a silent launch of a new product on WarriorPlus.

Called Chrome Cash, it shows how to make money from the Google Chrome browser.

It’s not for everyone, and I didn’t want to distract you, but if you want a peek, or a money making idea, you’ll find it here.

PS – Now get that pen and paper out, this exercise will be more valuable to you than the next Facebook post that’s coming up behind me.

“Don’t make me come around there!”

Just do it!