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Why Batman Never Killed The Joker


…imagine for a moment that you’re Batman.

You’ve got a guy that’s hell-bent on bringing a city to its knees at every opportunity.

You catch him tons of times, toss him into Arkham Asylum, and he’s back out and at it all over again.

I don’t know about you, but there would come a time when we’d both be going down a dark alleyway and only one of us would come out.

But yet, he never does.

Why not?

Well, the other night after going through the Joker movie, it was given to us…they could be brothers.

See Daddy Wayne got too friendly with one of the staff and she got pregnant.

This child is then shunned and ignored, never gets a sniff of the silver spoon Bruce did, and because of that, he wants revenge against the city that Thomas Wayne built and the system in it that let him down.

Plus…he’s crazier than a jar full of wasps that’s been shook around for ten minutes.

Now, everything makes sense.

You can totally see why he does what he does, and you can see why Batman is always giving him one more chance. – He is his brother after all, and when it comes to it, sometimes blood is thicker than water.
It all makes sense.

Now if I was to look at you, where would I find the sense in what you do?

Where would I find the reason you’re taking the actions you do?

What’s your Batman…or maybe Joker…backstory?

What makes you tick?

Here’s how you uncover it.

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – When you dig a little deeper it all starts to make sense.

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