Why Did You Get Out Of Bed This Morning?

…for most people a better question would be, who did you get out of bed for today?

Because most people don’t get out of bed for themselves.

From the first moment, the alarm goes off, it’s off to work for someone else, to build someone else’s dream.

Now if that’s a shared dream that you want to be a part of, that’s great. – But how many people are doing that today?

Not many.

Too many are going to go out the door this morning, fight with others in traffic, and arrive at a place that no one wants to be at.

And yet how many of us question it?

The great Earl Nightingale said one time that if you stopped someone in the street and asked them why they go to work they’d tell you that it’s because everyone else is doing it.

And because everyone else is doing it, it’s seen as the right thing to do.

Now, before you think I live on a lofty pedestal and don’t know that bills need to be paid, I get you and I’m there too at the moment.

But like going to work, most people come home and still don’t do anything to get themselves off the hamster wheel.

Or even consider the possibility of buying back part of their life.

Those of us that write, create, record content, and try to build something with the free hours we have are seen as weird.

Because why would anyone do TikToks, blog for complete strangers, or make something that isn’t guaranteed to succeed?

The wiser option in their eyes is to catch up with Netflix.

Or if they do go online, it’s for escapism rather than education.

And come tomorrow morning… it’s back to going elbow-to-elbow with all the others that don’t want to go where they’re going.

There’s wisdom in the masses we’re told.

And yet, they never ask themselves this one simple question, ‘Why did I get out of bed this morning?’

Maybe things would be different if more of us did.

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