Why Do You Do What You Do?

…at the moment I’m going through a challenge Dan Meredith has set up over at his ‘Coffee With Dan‘ Facebook page.

The challenge…how to make some bankable bucks. – And not the…’I’m living in a third word country, living like a king on ten bucks a day’ type of thing that’s in your inbox everyday.

No, this requires you to list all the things you’re good at, what products and services you can sell, package up, or expand on, and then basically get over the bull that’s in your head telling you that you can’t do it.

Today’s challenge…telling folk why you do what you do.

Now, if you’ve been with me for any length of time you’ll know that my family’s my reason. Like most parents I want to leave them in a position that’s better than mine was.

I didn’t grow up poor, but when you look back and realize that not having a flushing toilet in your house until you’re about ten, and having to wash either in a basin, or the kitchen sink, you kinda twig that there wasn’t much money going around the McDonald household back then. – Also living in a partly renovated train station (yes, you read correctly) meant, well, there weren’t many folks invited back for birthday time. So no birthday parties growing up.

So, when you’ve got a lot of baggage like that in your past, and you’ve got a wife that’s stood by your harebrained schemes and has picked you up off the ground ( when I lost faith in myself and couldn’t see anything ever working )
it kinda gives you an idea of why I do what I do.

How about you? What makes you tick?

Maybe it’s time you sat down for a moment or two and write out that reason. – It’s very handy to have when the
little voice in that head of yours is telling you to give today a miss, or why don’t you just throw in the towel when it’s not working.

I’ll be back here tomorrow for the very same reasons.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Have a good one!

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