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Why I Love The Smell Of Unsubscribes In The Morning

Why I Love The Smell Of Unsubscribes In The Morning
Why I Love The Smell Of Unsubscribes In The Morning

…if there’s one thing that doesn’t annoy me anymore it’s when someone unsubscribes from my email list.

When I see that I know the following about them.

We weren’t a good match. – And if they didn’t do it, I’d probably do it at some point because they’d become a ‘head wrecker’ or a serial refunder.

They proved that they weren’t really interested in what they said they were.  – The way I look at it, if you buy a product or download a report on a topic, and unsubscribe because you don’t want me to mention more about those things….you probably weren’t serious about it in the first place.

They were probably on a million other lists. – But because I was taking up more of that inbox than the others ‘who modestly email one a month’ I’m the one that stands out. – And once I’m gone, they’ll have an easier opportunity to keep up with everyone else and have their attention pulled in a hundred different directions each week.

They’ll end up on a list where the owner doesn’t care about them, or won’t answer their replies.  – It always amazes me when we a marketer has to use a help desk to do the simplest of things like replying to someone. ‘Grab a ticket and someone will get back to you,’ they say. OR in other words, if I put a hurdle between me and you there’s a good chance you’ll give up.

A few years back, the thoughts of losing followers would have scared the crap out of me.

But over time I’ve realized that some people don’t deserve to be on my email list.

Now, that probably sounds like a huge ego trip but it’s not.

When it’s your business, YOU get to choose the people you want to hang out with.

The socials out there would tell you it’s a numbers thing.

‘Build the biggest audience!” they proclaim.

Fact is, 1000 fans is all you really need.

It’s not the numbers, it’s the quality of those numbers.

And every email I send out I’m chipping away people that are taking up space. – Space than a fan could be using.

Do with that info what you will.