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Why I Secretly Don’t Want You To Be Successful

Why I Secretly Don't Want You To Be Successful
Why I Secretly Don’t Want You To Be Successful

… ‘What?’

‘But why?’ cries you.

I’ll explain.

At the moment I’m going through a trilogy of old Star Wars fiction books. – Never saw that one coming either, but here we are. (And let me tell you they’re way better than that muck JJ Abrams made us watch.) 

Anyways, there’s a lesson in the book series that’ll clear up your confusion.

At one point in the book, Princess Leia finds out about an alien species that’s suffered at the hands of their fighting with the Empire.

She finds out to her horror, that parts of both sides’ fallen spaceships crashed on the surface of their planet, causing huge environmental destruction.

Faced with starvation, the people make an agreement with Darth Vader for his help. – He cleans up the planet, and they provide him recruits for his war machine.

Now, unknownst to the people, the clean-up droids are doing the least amount of work and are actually making the situation worse.

So these folks have agreed to something that’ll never end. The planet is kept barely on life-support and there isn’t a fit person left to work it.

That, to me, is like the vast majority of Internet Marketers.

They don’t want you to be successful.

Why? – If you’re successful, you won’t need their services anymore.

But, if I’m thinking like the Empire, I’ll sell you a few of those money-making droids, knowing full well that they’re as useful as an asthmatic hoover at picking up dirt.

And so you’re always coming back with cap in hand, asking for another money-making gadget.

If I wanted to make more money out of you, that would be my thought too. – Keep you dumb, and help myself to your PayPal account.

But that’s not me.

Me, I consider myself more like the Rebels, kicking Vader’s butt and trying to leave good behind me.

That’s why I’m all for the basics.

Digital products, Course creation, and Email marketing.

Get those three right and you’re set for life.

After that, you’re free to do what you want.

And I’ve lost a customer : (

Right now, I’ve reopened the membership area for new members.

(Yes, it’s still $67, instead of the new price of $97 a month it should be….there’s a WordPress plugin that’s not allowing me to do that at the moment.)

If you want to build something that’ll outlast any of the useless droid crap out there, click the link here.

And just a piece of advice, if buying off the Empire didn’t work for you in the past, do you really think it’s going to work for you in the future?

Be a Rebel and click here.

BTW – When the plugin’s fixed, the price will be going up so if you want a bargain I’d move fast.

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