Why I Throw Rocks, And Why You Should Too

…having a dog is one of the best things you can have in your life.

Not only do you have to get off your ass and take them for a walk….

….unless that is, you’re one of those that treats them like ISIS would, shackled up for 24 hours a day…I think there’s a special place in hell for those people…….sorry, I’m getting off track here….

….but they’re also great excuse to get time on your own.

How come?

Tell anyone that you’re taking the dog for a walk and no one wants to come with you. – Happy days.

Anyways…recently I bought a toy for Summer, one of those plastic thingamabobs that helps you throw a tennis ball further.

But, there’s a problem with that. – Lose the ball and it’s a useless piece of plastic.

And so it’s back to the old reliable, throwing rocks. – Easy to find, she loves them better than chasing balls, and I don’t have to worry about losing them.

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s rock throwing have to do with your writing or publishing business?

Easy. It’s a cheap option that works.

It’ll work tomorrow, next week or next year, it doesn’t fail.

Compare to what some people would have you believe, that all the bells and whistles, is the only way to go.

Take for example, buying the best spandex running outfit and expecting it to knock off the pounds. – A  cheap tracksuit from Walmart, that’s exercised in, will do a better job.

Or expecting Scrivener to make you a better writer when you can’t sit your butt down to use it. – Working with Microsoft word everyday, would get you further.

Or expecting coaching to work when you won’t make time to do the work. –  Buying a $10 dollar book, studying it from cover to cover,  and taking action on that content would get you further.

Matt Furey, a man that’s genuinely made millions on the Internet – not made up Monopoly money, has only three things that he uses in his business.

A laptop, a camera, and an iPhone.

3 things, that’s made him a fortune. – Well that, and all the content in his noggin, but that’s it.  – No staff, just him.

Thing is, he ‘works’ with what he’s got.

Same goes for you. You make things complicated, look for the most expensive way of doing things (that you probably won’t use) – or you can simply throw rocks.

Me, I’ll stick with rocks.

Speaking of good free stuff that you can use. Here’s a video on the WriteCome site you might like.

PS – Yaba, daba, doo!!!