Why It’s Better To Fart In An Empty Room

…well it is….and here’s why.

When you’re starting out, it’s easy to fall into the trap that the slow progress you’re making is holding you back, and if only you could make yourself known to thousands of people, then things would be better.

Be grateful that you’re not.

I didn’t realise that until recently.

When I started out self-publishing I wanted nothing more than to get in front of a huge crowd from day one.

Thank God it didn’t happen.

Why? Because honestly…the stuff I made in those early days was..well…crap.

Some people would say I’m still at that level. 🙂

But honestly, when no one knows you exist you can make your mistakes when no one is watching.

Unlike farting in a crowded room….and especially if there’s no open windows …that kinda thing draws a lot of attention to you and never the good kind.

An empty room, much better.

Being unknown also allows you to try out a lot of things. Today you could try out poetry, tomorrow fiction writing, the next maybe blogging.

When you’ve got an audience, and a big one, there’s not many who will stick with you as you flit around like a housefly.

You’ve also bottled yourself into your role.

‘Make another fiction book,’ they’ll say. ‘Write a prequel, a sequel. – We don’t want poetry.’

It’s easy to brush off one or two frustrated followers. Five hundred angry people messaging you is a different story.

And you may even end up like the guy in Misery…watching a super fan with a hammer hobbling you while you’re tied to a bed.

Maybe that’s why JK Rowling went back to the Harry Potter world with her prequel series. 

Moral of the story…you’re probably the equivalent of that garage teen band that sounds like they’re in there killing cats.

In other words, you’re not ready.

Not everyone knows about me, or the courses I make, and that’s probably a good thing too.

When that audience does come, the version they meet will be a better one. And I’ll probably be better able to help them, and prove that I know my stuff.

So be grateful that you’re an unknown.

Same goes with emails.

It’s easy to think that you’ve got to wait until you’ve got ten thousand on your list.

You don’t. Even two subscribers are enough to get started. When the others come you’ll be ready for them.

If you want that head start on the email crowd go here.