Why I’ve Stopped Posting Content To Social Media.

A few weeks back, I finally pulled the plug on my social media accounts.

You find some activity on Twitter or Facebook from time to time, but that’s due to WordPress plugins or IFTTT applets working on autopilot, but real life me has stopped frequenting those spots.

It’s already been a few weeks now and I can’t remember the last time I opened Facebook or checked Twitter beyond a look at stats for a chuckle.

I always love the, ‘You could be doing so much better,’ or ‘Here’s what other people that have a page like you are doing’ messages they give that honestly I couldn’t give a fig about.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘But you’re shooting yourself in the foot, that’s where your audience is hanging out.’

And that may be true, but I’d rather spent my time here.

For these three reasons.

1 – I Don’t Want To Build Someone Else’s Asset.

When you look at most social media sites, what are they?

Take away all the user generated content from Facebook and Twitter and what have you got? – A fancy looking site, probably with a lot of code working in the background, but….nothing.

And how much are they worth? – Millions, right?

And all content that was create by you and me.  (Although having said that, it’s probably more you than me –  I dropped out a while back if you remember.)

So not only are you creating content for those websites, but you’re getting a little pat on the head, or a grade card of ‘Likes’ or ‘Shares’ that tell you you could be doing better.

‘That video that you spent an hour on, that was okay. But if you give us a little more, we’ve got algorithm that’ll make sure more people see it.’

To which I reply, ‘Maybe if you didn’t throttle how many people can see it, it might have done a little better.’

Me, I’d like to create content that as many people as they want to can look at. – I also like to have content that I own and control.

And as for quality control, I’ll be my own judge on that thank you very much.

2 – It’s A Time Suck That You Can Never Win.

Let me ask you a question, how much social media work is enough nowadays?

One post on Facebook and two tweets? Ten  Facebook posts, and thirty tweets? Or maybe a hundred of each?

Who knows?

But there’s one thing you can be sure of, you’ll never be able to create enough.

And if you can, you’re probably sacrificing a life, a business, and probably a few close relationships to do it.

But is it worth it?

Is it worth your kids seeing you all the time with a phone in your hand, replying to a tweet, posting a photo on Instagram of every mundane moment of your life,  and then hoping others are paying attention to it.

That’s if they’re not also too busy filling the web with their own mindless tripe that they expect others to stop and pay attention to.

The people that’ll tell you that you aren’t posting enough are usually the social media sites,  or the ones that are trying to sell you automation software.

Because God forbid we stopped posting. – I mean who’s going to tell the poor share holders that the Christmas party is called off. 

But people are people, who will still believe that everyone cares about the content they post and no one else’s, and that we need to hear their opinion on everything.

Just because you can find your way around a keyboard doesn’t mean that anyone in the world needs to be paying attention to you.  – A monkey can do the same, and probably better with less emojis.  

And as for the ‘butt’ selfie girls on Instagram, you’re leaving a great legacy for your grand kids to spend their time scrolling through.  – Cringe.

3 – Nobody Cares If You’re There Or Not.

One of the most enlightening moments you can have about social media is to leave it for a few days and see if anyone notices.

I’ll let you in on the answer, no one does. – Sorry if I burst your ego bubble there. 

But it’s true. Stop posting, delete your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram apps and no one drops by to see if you’re okay.

‘But you mean after I posted all those videos, that cute picture of that dog in a balaclava, and that thing about Kanye West changing his name, you mean no one is going to miss me?’

Try it and see for yourself.

Like the world carrying on after your girlfriend left you, or that house party that your mum dragged you out of, you may be surprised just how easily it all carry’s on without you.

Once you do,  a funny thing happens.

You suddenly realise that they people you share your house and life with are the ones that are the most important people in your life.

You find that if some asks if you’re doing okay, they genuinely mean it and would like an answer.

And as for those pictures you show off to them. They genuinely look at them, even pass them around for comment. – Rather than scrolled by with the flick of a thumb. 

…..Now after reading all this, you’re probably thinking I’m a old fart or too crotchety to see the use of it. – And maybe you’re right.

But in a world where social media brings out the worst in people, makes others neglect those around them, or their work, to give a site something they can monetize and claim as their own, I think I’d rather be on the outside looking in.

If you want me, you’ll find me only at one place, the WriteCome site.

And not on a social media site near you.  : )