Why Knowing More Isn’t Going To Help You

..if you’re someone that believes reading another book, watching another video, or going to an offline event is all you need, you’re probably wrong. 

When all the knowledge is freely available on the web and you’re not using it, then it’s not your ‘How to’ that’s the problem, it’s your ‘Why to.’

That was something the great copywriter Ray Edwards brought up recently on his podcast. 

The reason that most folks aren’t getting anywhere isn’t because they need more information, it’s because they don’t have a reason to use that information. 

You could be shown how to write a great blog post, record a podcast episode, or make a digital product, but if you don’t know ‘Why you’re doing it’ then all that knowledge is falling on barren ground. 

If you’re truthful with yourself, you’ll see that it’s true.  The reason you’re running around in circles, trying out different things, is because you don’t have a North Star to guide you. – So when every direction is an option, anything can take you there. 

So why are you doing what you do? 

If there’s one thing that could be a better use of your time, it’s finding out why you are doing what you’re doing? – That’s going to be the wind in your sail. 

Having a good ‘Why’ means you’ll put the ‘How’ into action. 

It means that you’ll have no problem keeping your butt in your seat, and that siren song of Netflix, well, it won’t even register with you. 

So, WHY are you doing what you’re doing? – I’d keep that money in that pocket of yours until you work that one out. 

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