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Why Not Rob Disney’s Money Making Idea?

Why Not Rob Disney's Money Making Idea?
Why Not Rob Disney’s Money Making Idea?

….if there’s one thing Disney is good at it’s making money.

How do they do it?

Reusing and repurposing their old content.

Take, for example, the recent movie Cruella.

No sitting up wondering what new idea they need to create.

Simply take something they’ve already made, take a character from it, and put them in their own vehicle.

Why did Cruella become a big meanie?

Having watched the movie with my youngest son, Finn a few weeks back, I have to say I really enjoyed it. 

Heck, even the theme parks use the movie content, or the rides go the opposite way to become the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

So before you go running off coming up with book ideas, new blog posts, videos for TikTok, or podcast content, what have you got that you can reuse and repurpose?

It’s a lot easier than coming up with new ideas.

And like the land of Mickey, it can put more money in your bank account.

Now if you’re only starting off on your creative venture, you’re probably wondering what could | make?

What are people looking for?

If only it was drop-dead easy to study people’s buying habits and come up with ideas?

If only….?

Oh wait, it is….and it’s as easy to do as doing a Google search.

How do you do it?

Linky McLink here will show you the way. 


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